Hi, I'm Briana Fry!


Photo by Denna Kline Photography

Hey Everyone! Thanks for coming, I’m so excited you’re here!

I’m Briana Fry and you’ve made it to my shop, Fry Side Design! I am an entrepreneur, middle school teacher, wife, and boy mom. Ironically, I took the plunge with this business at the beginning of 2020, and COVID-19 has been the perfect foil for me to truly dig in. This shop was born out of a need to feed my creative spirit. Anybody out there working there regular 9-5 feeling not quite fulfilled...? Like a piece of you is missing...? I absolutely love feeding my crafty visual side by putting together the graphics that become my greeting cards, printables, and cut files. 

I’m a crafty girl who has put this shop together to share with you my love of DIY graphics! My hope is that you will find a graphic you love, to make something, for someone you love. From downloadable greeting cards, to printable graphics, to SVG files, I have what you need to customize your favorite spaces and make and design things for people you love; all from the comfort of your own home!

Look around for your favorite graphics, purchase, download, and save on your computer for whenever you’re ready to complete the perfect project. I know you’ll find something you love. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out via my contact page! It’s so nice to meet you, thanks for supporting my small business!

“Click it, make it, love it.”